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Why did I create this Web site?

Because I needed it myself! I was getting sick of finding myself constantly reaching for my cell phone calculator when doing simple math. So I created this Web site for myself and some friends, but I thought, what the heck, let the rest of the world try it as well! I hope you have as much fun using this site as I had creating it.

Useful Links

Before I get the "hint" system set up, try out these sites for improving your mental math skills:

What's Coming?

  • A diagnostics page so we can guage your skills and suggest what you need to practice
  • A free-practice feature that lets you repeat the type of questions you want to practice, based on the diagnostics
  • A "Tip" system, so I can provide you with some simple math tricks to solve certain types of questions (yes, in your head)
  • An overall ranking system to show who the top scorers are.





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